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I’m $50,000 in Student Loan Debt | Are Student Loans Worth It

I’ve made a lot of great money from side hustles in college, but those didn’t cover all of my fees. Now that I’ve graduated, I wanted to open up about my owing $50,000 in student loan debt, and whether I think it was worth it. I get a lot of questions about financial aid, so I hope my story can be helpful!

My College Degree is Useless | What I Wish I Knew Before Getting in Student Loan Debt – https://youtu.be/1U8JIGaoM9Q
Which College Degrees Are Worth It in 2020 | Majors Worth the Student Loan Debt – https://youtu.be/TkyJlY5xS7Y
When You SHOULD Take Out Student Loans | Are Student Loans Worth It? https://youtu.be/CcqAGDZy-j8

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