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“Going to school does not guarantee you a job.”

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Graduation cap on money
zimmytws/Getty Images

Aerial view of Harvard university in Cambridge
Hugo Will/Getty Images
Aerial view of Harvard university in Cambridge
Hugo Will/Getty Images
Businesswoman finishes work on laptop, career and employment concept, closeup
Motortion/Getty Images
Engineers Meeting in Technology Research Laboratory: Engineers, Scientists and Developers Gathered Around Illuminated Conference Table, Talking and Finding Solution, Inspecting and Analysing Industrial Engine Design.
gorodenkoff/Getty Images
Closeup hand of asian woman sitting in the living room study and learning writing notebook and diary on table at home, girl homework, businesswoman planning working on table, education concept.
narith_2527/Getty Images
US Dollar
Janka Dharmasena/Getty Images
Rear View Of Two Female High School Students Walking Into College Building Together
monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images
Girl with Backpack is Walking along the Historic Building with Sun Ray and Flare
Andrei Asiyuk/Getty Images
Business people discussion advisor concept
seb_ra/Getty Images
Signing contract. dolly shot, sliding camera move.
ipuwadol/Getty Images
Banknote counter counting hundred dollar bills. Banking and commercial activity
mrs_veronik/Getty Images
Handsome Hispanic Student Uses Laptop while Listening to a Lecture at the University, He Raises Hand and Asks Lecturer a Question. Multi Ethnic Group of Modern Bright Students.
gorodenkoff/Getty Images
Business People Walking and Talking in the Hallway, Top Manager and Businesswoman Have Conversation in the Office, Use Desktop Computer. Corporate Office with Many Busy Workers.
gorodenkoff/Getty Images
In the Office Close-up on Hands of Businesswoman and Businessman while Signing Contracts and Shaking Hands for Finishing Transaction. Stylish People in Modern Conference Room.
gorodenkoff/Getty Images
European lady tourist walks near river with phone. Pretty traveler female looks around walking along a river quay. 4K
Vadim_Key/Getty Images
Empty Lab in Computer Science Classroom
crkcreative/Getty Images
Back view of male teacher lecturing university students, shot on R3D
monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images
Washington State Temple of Justice Close Up
SEASTOCK/Getty Images
Hand-drawn growing chart
mindopen/Getty Images

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