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01:20 RBI press release
02:15 What does moratorium on loan mean?
03:30 What loans are covered under moratorium?
04:11 Are both principal and interest covered?
04:43 Have all banks/NBFCs extended a moratorium?
06:04 My EMI has an ECS mandate. Will my EMI automatically be deferred or will individual customers have to opt in for moratorium?
06:46 I do not want deferred payment and subsequent interest, am I allowed to pay normally?
07:06 Do I have to pay any interest on the loan at a later date, for the 3 month moratorium period?
07:35 Will tenure of loan be extended?
08:02 Will I have to pay interest in one go after 3 months or will EMI be adjusted?
08:35 Does this mean that I will have to pay all 3 EMIs at one go in June?
08:59 If my bank suspends my EMIs, will non payment result in any impact on my credit score?
09:16 Which banks can offer this deferment to their customers?
09:47 Does the moratorium cover credit card payments?
10:20 What has the RBI announced for businesses?
10:49 What should you do if you have an outstanding loan?

On 27th March 2020, the RBI announced some big reforms in banking and EMI. These were brought about due to the economic crisis owing to the covid-19 worldwide lockdown. This video answers some important questions one might have regarding their outstanding loan payments and EMI.

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